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7 thoughts on “Getting Around The Site

  1. Hi Rene, I am sorry we have not been able to connect yet. We are so glad to hear to you are getting stronger. Please know that we are here for you and willing to help in any way we can. Our thougths and prayers are with you as you fight this, Love, Silvia, Jim, Jack, Ty and Jillian Harmon

  2. Hi Rene, long time since we have spoken or seen each other i know, but I want you know that Steph and I are thinking of you loads and sending you loads of energy and love. I am keeping updated with news from Steph, but great I can also see how things are going here also. Will be in touch for sure… sending you a huge huge hug all the way from London. Oli x

  3. Hey Rene,

    Was playing Rivertrails on Friday and asked Jenny if you were still playing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Was able to talk with your sister today. Would love to grab a bucks with you when your back on your feet.


  4. Hi Rene. It’s been some time but I was making plans with Maria to visit Toronto, spoke with Steve Rogel, and he told me about your illness. He also mentioned you were looking for some cool sunglasses to impress your friends, you are surrounded by so many of them. We are thinking of you — my favorite left-handed Canadian tennis player, ahead Connell and Nestor even– and wishing you well.

    Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Leif xo

  5. Rene,

    I just heard the news from down here in Australia and wanted to pass on my positive thoughts and love to you my friend. Keep fighting like you always did on court! Love and many good vibes!


  6. We had a good visit with your folks, Rene. And we got to see Anne after many years.
    Now I know that Jane and Burt are with you in Chicago. I do hope that you are able to enjoy their visit. Certainly from the pictures, you are looking much better and I assume that is translating into you feeling better.
    As always our thoughts and best wishes are with you. with love Dorothy

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