With all of my love…

Cricket Club - 04Rene,

For the past year I have been writing to the world about your brave battle, this one is for you.

I do not need to tell you how much I love you, we have said all of the words that had to be said. The memories we have created will last us both for eternity, I know that you are using these memories right now along with me.  I am going on the assumption the tears will eventually stop but know inside that I am trying to smile.  We have been inseparable since that day at Mayfair and for that there are no regrets.  We shared our tears and all of our fears together, but the smiles and laughter always won.  Our trips to Kauai, how many sunsets have we watched with Mai Tai’s in hand?  Here is one you have forgotten – that time I got a set off you in tennis.  Boy were you angry.  Whistler – some of the fresh snow we have had there and the ensuing tackles of love up in the Glacier.  Tired legs got rewarded with Chardonnay and warm fires.  Our golf trips to amazing places – you got so good so quick.  What I would give up to have more of these with you.  We have seen the world in such a short period of time.  For now, I will keep repeating these visions in my head and I know you are doing the same.

What I love about you from Day 1 – you had an opinion and you didn’t hold back sharing it.  You are one of the strongest and most competitive people I know and this has served you well.  The friends you have made are plentiful and they are with you now.  Know that the love of so many is because of how special you are to the world.  Your generosity of your heart took such good care of me, you need to promise that this will continue.  I need your love and caring more than ever.  This year has sucked, but you did better than anyone else would have.  Do not have any regrets, you are perfect.  You are surrounded this week by the people that love you.

I am here for you and I always will be.  I promise you two things – I will drive safe and I will see you soon.

With all of my love, Me.

30 thoughts on “With all of my love…

  1. A better love story, i have not heard.
    From the very beginning….on your wedding day…… to you last days together…..true love!

    Love and prayers to you both. Adam

  2. Hello Jason and Rene,
    I wanted to share all my love and thoughts with you both. Why? No one has an answer but the love you gave each other is how. I will think of you both in these hardest times. With all my love

  3. Jason…I’ve know Rene a long time. Thanks for being part of that amazing love story we all want. You’ve been so strong this last crap year and endured the unimaginable. All her old friends are so grateful she had you in her life! Praying for further strength. Take care

  4. Jason and Rene,

    Your love is very special. It has been a difficult year for you both.

    Jason you are a special man, friend and most of all husband. Rene was so lucky to meet you and you were given a gift when you met her.

    thinking of you both

  5. Rene and Jason,
    You are two very exceptional people who inspire love and admiration in every life you have touched.

    Pat Starshak

  6. As the person who introduced you to her and her to you I am glad I played a small role in your wonderful chapter. Rene is special and we all hope that someday she lets you finally beat her at tennis….

  7. Your letter is the epitome of true love.

    You, Rene, and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Much love,
    Amy Mullarkey and Family

  8. You guys have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout this whole year… I am absolutely amazed at your strength and endless love for each other and your friends and family. Thank you for sharing your story on this site… I am truly “Inspired by Rene” and you as well, Jason. Take care.

  9. We have been with you all the way, and will remain so. We wish rest and peace for you and Jason.
    With all love as always, Dorothy and Arthur

  10. Jason, wishing you peace and comfort knowing you’ve done everything possible with such love,
    and to Rene for fighting so bravely. You both are truly inspirational. Mary Muno

  11. A true and perfect love story. We are blessed to know both of you, and are grateful for the years of friendship and happiness shared.
    Our prayers are with you,
    Jen, Brian and Iona

  12. Thinking of you both as always. Rene is indeed an inspiration. Peace and comfort.
    With much love, Dorothy and Arthur

  13. Such a wonderful life you have shared. Your grace, strength and love for each other is inspiring. You are in our thoughts. Love to you both. Cheryl & Andrew.

  14. This letter brought many tears to my eyes. You two are epitome of eternal love. The strength and courage you both posses is immeasurable.

    Rene- I love you with all my heart. We have shared many amazing moments and created some everlasting memories together over the years. I have learned so much from you and for that I can’t thank you enough. It is both an honour and a privilege to have you in my life. You will always be in my mind and in my heart.

    Love always,

    Sharon xx

  15. Thinking of you Rene and Jason. A true Hall of Famer and the best player ever at TCU, we wish you both peace and comfort. With Love, TCU Tennis

  16. Jay & Rene, you have lived this past year with more love, strength, courage, and dignity than anyone else we know. Those virtues will guide you both, forever, no matter where you may be. Sending hugs and prayers your way, always.
    Jennifer, Tom, and the girls xo

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