Sept 23rd Update

Hi Everyone,

Waaaay too long between updates, I offer my apologies.  Has been a tough couple of weeks since the last MRI update.  It seems Rene has picked up a stomach virus and is just now shaking it off.  Has caused her a lot of discomfort and not much sleep for the house.

Have had a lot of help from family and friends – Teresa came back from Vancouver for a few days to help out, Burt and Jane were here for 10 days and Carol has just arrived.  This week is a busy week – Kathy is stopping by for a quick visit on Wed/Thurs and then we have Jill and Louise here from Friday to Sunday and Diane is back next Monday.

Hopefully the next couple of days will provide some relief for Rene and I can get out a more positive update for everyone.

Take care and have a good week…

4 thoughts on “Sept 23rd Update

  1. It was good to get your update and we wait to know the virus is gone. Thoughts and prayers continue daily just as you continue to inspire us with your strong fight. Love and hugs until we see you again.

  2. No apologies required young man. A stomach virus is yucky enough when we are healthy let alone when our immune system is weak.
    Taking care of Rene and yourself is your top priority and you are doing a great job.
    Relieved to know you have help from family and close friends. Wish I could beam over. Where is “Mister Scott and his transporter” when you need him?
    hugs and love to all

  3. Sorry to hear Rene you were not feeling so well. Hope the next week proves to be better and the walks will begin again outside.

    Think about you each day and I hope you are feeling better and better soon.

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