Day after Labor Day Update

Other than being a very long day, it was a better day than we had expected.  We can chalk it up to the Avastin treatment plan, the diet or the fresh Muskoka air…hopefully a combination of each.  While today’s news hasn’t translated into visible improvements for Rene, it was again better than we had expected.  Her tumors are all smaller in size (except for one) and the swelling on her brain is down dramatically.  Both of these results are what you would hope to see with Avastin treatment but in the eyes of the Dr, her reaction was more than he expected for this visit.

Plan for coming weeks will comprise of continued Avastin, continued diet plan of Budwig, Green Juice and a red juice.  We will also get her back in the routine of acupuncture and begin at home physical therapy to try to improve her mobility.

After the MRI and visit with Neuro team, she had round 5 of Avastin – 5.5 hours in the hospital was long enough so she had a good nap in the afternoon and we have had a relaxing evening.  I need to get on the computer and get some work done, Rene has a puzzle to finish.

Thank you (I know, getting repetitive) for your well wishes on these tough days.  We will chalk today up as a victory and as Step 1 on our way to Step 2.

Rest well everyone.

7 thoughts on “Day after Labor Day Update

  1. I think that’s great news and I’m very happy to hear it!
    You are both so very strong.
    Sending you lots of courage and positive thoughts!

  2. Go get that puzzle Rene, Jason enjoy the time with the puppies and Rene. You too deserve a big HUG! Rene lots of Juicing and Love. Green Juice symbolizes the earths pure energy. The Red Juice symbolizes all the hearts sending you love from your friends and family. BudWig symbolizes all the bubble bees taking honey from the buds and sending you peaceful thoughts.
    Love you always!

  3. Hi, Rene and Jason.
    The photographs from the “cottage” in the Muskoskas were lovely. I hope you had a good rest, Rene.
    I wondered if “that hat” was an old one from Father Collins’ collection. It looked like one of his that mum couldn’t bear to throw out!
    Keep fighting. You are winners!
    Love, Ann.

  4. Hi Rene,
    I just found the other day about your tough journey.. I am glad that things are progressing in the right direction! You were always tough, I remember those times on court with you having to work my ass off!! Rene, know that I am sending you positive thoughts, and you are in my thoughts and prayers…

    Big Hugs, Aneta

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