Labor Day Update

Hello World,

Back safely from an enjoyable vacation for Rene up in Muskoka.  We came in contact with some amazing women on the way back who made Rene’s trip that little bit more special – you know who you are and you know how much we appreciate the efforts you went to.

The trip back to reality is always tough after a good vacation but tomorrow we jump straight into the next MRI for Rene.  She deserves some better news that she has experienced with last MRIs.  Will update all tomorrow night after we get back from a pretty long day at the hospital.

Thanks for ongoing thoughts and prayers, all remain very appreciated.  Talk to you all soon.

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Update

  1. Thinking of the both of you everyday and puppies too! Prayers and Positive news for Rene are being sent out as you have the MRI done today. Love, Hugs, and Peace…

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