Sonya and Rene

Long time friend Sonya came up for a couple of days.  Rene and Sonya played together on Tour for many years, the friendship has lasted longer.  Was very special for both of them to spend some time together, was disappointing to miss Sonya’s wedding this summer so there was a lot of catching up to do.

3 thoughts on “Sonya and Rene

  1. Hi Rene…it’s Suzie.
    I just looked all through your site and such great pictures and friends and family you have. I even recognized a few people from the tennis world.
    I am so glad I am able to send you a message and say hi.
    Stay strong…once a fighter always a fighter!
    Xo Suzie

  2. these are great pictures and what a great time rene is having and the smile on your face is so good to see. rest and enjoy the good time and friendships.

  3. Hi Rene! It’s Bobbi Jo here (filmmaker of the documentary She Got Game). I am actually staying at Sonya and Daniel’s place here in TO for a few days! I have a vimeo link to She Got Game and can send you a link with password if you like. You can write me at Thinking of you and sending healing strength your way!

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