Football Season is Near…

Completely unprovoked by me, Rene brought out the Cowboys gear today…only a couple more weeks until the Season begins.

Has been a pretty good week for Rene.  My impression is the treatment is starting to show some improvements in her overall alertness/presence, mobility still lagging a bit but is incredible to see her personality back to some extent.  Right now she is talking to a good friend and I am in another room.  If I didn’t know what was going on, I swear it was one year ago.  She has an energy in her voice that I haven’t heard for awhile, brings a smile and a tear.

To continued good days ahead for all of you and Rene.  Talk to you all soon, enjoy the rest of the pre-season!

11 thoughts on “Football Season is Near…

  1. I had a good chat with Rene today and couldn’t agree more.
    Brought smiles and tears to me too.
    love & hugs to team Rene

  2. There is a lot to cheer for…. Yes… Let’s cheer for the return of football. It’s been too long. Cheering for some improvement for YOU Rene! Cheering for the smiles that happened this week. Cheering for the heart necklace you are wearing! You are so loved!! Will keep cheering!! Hugs…..

  3. sorry I haven’t kept in touch .. I still think about you and the team. We kinda grew together in our four years together. All of you seem to have been successful after graduation. Haven’t heard from any in a long time. My daughter is finally going to teach me how to use
    joanna says hello and need to answer her call. Stay tough and you are still the best TCU has ever had. Roland

  4. Was thinking of you both as I bedded down and decided to look for good news on your web site. And behold there it was! I’m so happy that the two of you have had a good week. We’re cheering for you!

  5. Cowboys?! Not the Pats? Good thing Brady’s knee scare the other day was just a “mild sprain.” On a serious note, we think of you both often. The courage and strength you both show is more than awe inducing. We are sending you hugs and positive thoughts for rock star improvement soon! Please let us know if we can do anything, anything at all. Love to you both. Go Team Rene! Love, Sean, Shayne, Quinlan, Reagan, Guinness and Bear xoxxoxo

  6. Hi, Rene and Jason.
    I am pleased to hear that you (jason) are seeing some improvement from the treatment. Good news indeed. Tiny steps, but steps just the same.
    Love to both of you,

  7. This was music to my ears and it made my day. Hope this continues.

    Enjoy the great weather and have a little wine for me and enjoy.

  8. Hi, Rene and Jason.
    I hear by the Collins family grapevine that you have escaped to the Muskokas in Canada for a couple of weeks R&R. I hope you have a wonderful holiday at your friend’s cottage!
    You are very fortunate to have this particular friend. He is very generous!
    Love, Ann

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