July 27 Update

Yesterday a new ride came into the family.  Through the kindness of someone in the neighborhood, they have lent us one they had in their family.  Rene has gone for a couple of rides around the block, trying to get used to the joystick control – for the time being we will keep the seatbelt on.

Second treatment was this week and we are looking for some improvements still.  Her spirits remain strong, still allowing ourselves some time to sneak off and shed some tears.  Her strength comes from the small things that happen along the way, the generosity of friendship and the amazing people that surround us.  Just yesterday she received an amazing letter that summed up perfectly her fight and will fuel her strength for the time ahead.  Their name shall remain unmentioned but I know you are reading this so know that your note was powerful, I shall see you soon.

The plan today, albeit in mid spring weather, is for Rene to come over to the Club and watch me attempt to get back into contention in the Derby Days event – a little bit of work ahead of us for my team unfortunately.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will enjoy some company with some great people.

Hope you are all well, enjoy your weekend.

8 thoughts on “July 27 Update

  1. HI, Rene and Jason.
    Aren’t you lucky to have wheels, Rene! That will help to get you out for some fresh air from time to time.
    Last week’s outing with Lobster Mac and Cheese sounds delicious. I am glad to see from Jason’s posts that you are able to get out once in a while for a special treat.
    Enjoy your time over at the golf club this weekend.

  2. Full speed ahead. What a gift to have received. Hope you drive safe and everyone stay our of he way. Hope you feel a little better this week and you have a little r&r over the club.
    Do you need a license for that on the road?
    Just enjoy your freedom.

  3. Rene –

    I was so happy to see that you were on the PRCC porch enjoying the raucous atmosphere of the second day of Derby Days and looking good after all you’ve been through. Too bad that our presence didn’t help the teams you and I were rooting for a little more. I hope that chair will wheel you down Meacham and over to the porch often.

    And a special thank you for thinking of us and keeping us up to date with “Inspired by Rene”. I’m sure that it must sometimes be the last thing you and Jason want to do, but we read it with hope and in prayer.

    Many of my own family members have fought cancer, so you are always with us in our hearts and thoughts. Even though you dont always here from us, we never forget you and the battle you’re going through. It was a joy to see you!

    With love,
    Judy Clark

  4. Love the wheels! And continue to love the pink sweatshirt 🙂 All my love to both of you. I think you both are truly amazing. xoxo

  5. Rene, your TCU friends are behind you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jason, and your amazing support team.


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